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We Inspire, Inc. is a non-profit provider of educational services, devoted to providing quality academic and enrichment programming for all learners.  We believe that education should not only address the intellectual capacities, but moreover, education also constitutes a matter of developing personal character, virtues and the attainment of proficiencies that lead to lifelong resiliency.  We Inspire, Inc. further believe that in order to achieve and maximize the educational potential of students; they must be exposed to opportunities that will facilitate such goals.  

The central school system has strong incentives to focus on certain activities, particularly the improvement of mathematics and reading test scores, at the expense of other activities, meanwhile arts education in the public sphere struggle for legitimacy and for time and space in the school day.  We have responded to the arts education void resulting from school budget cuts by increasing our educational functions.

Our M&MS 1 educational programming includes but is not limited to tours of exhibits geared to children’s ages and courses of study, community and family friendly activities to encourage parents and children to become aware of and experience the arts.

We Inspire, Inc. creates an environment that increases positive results through personal character development, identified virtues, and attainment of proficiencies that lead to lifelong resiliency.  Our resolve is to use the M&MS program to enhance current educational goals and further develop a culturally rich community life.

As a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, We Inspire Inc. will provide services to the community at no charge while supporting itself through grants, donations and profitable, musical productions, plays and business conferences.  Can we count on your support?

Every penny donated is a tax write-off and will be accounted for.  Let’s work together to build something great in Missouri City, TX that is of benefit to the community as a whole and not just one select group.

A $10.00 donation or more is all we ask.  Will you help us please?

Our resolve as educational specialists is to use research-based theories that focus on each student’s unique learning style, while addressing the needs of the whole child.

We Inspire has finished interviewing for it’s new Board of Directors and thankfully everyone selected has agreed to step in and provide service to this thriving nonprofit organization.

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We Inspire, Inc will now provide volunteer services to Kingdom Promotions………. Partnering with some of the leading staffing companies in the industry, KP is able to place groups at some of the largest events in the country.

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