We inSpire, Inc.

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We Inspire, Inc. is a non-profit arts and education organization. We provide our participants the opportunity to explore phases of the music and publishing business from a "hands-on" perspective.  Larry Barrett is the Executive Director of We Inspire, Inc. and is a member of ASCAP as a writer and publisher.  Larry Barrett has been involved in the music business for the past 43 years.

Using Music and the Arts as the medium for self-discovery and communal expression to inspire practical and fundamental clarity to each student’s life!

Our Vision

 It is the 5 year goal of this organization to become a performing arts high school that infuses academia with practical hands on experience with financial remuneration for their services.


1. Re-educate young and old alike in the realities of study and good work ethics

2. Creates and implements internships in the musical arena

3. Create at least 15 jobs within 1st year of implementation

4. Provide quality live entertainment

5. The students will study the craft then create what they learned.

6. Professionally promote three events

7. Graduate with a check and a new lease on life.

Our Mission